Friday, September 9, 2011

Fall is back again

Ahh Finally the kids are back in school and mommy finally has a little time for crafting.  Or that is the thought anyways.  I have been cleaning out my craft room and listing things on my supply store on etsy.Supply store  A whole range of stuff is on there now but I still have a ton to list.   Jewelry classes start up again next week after a month off starting with the wire wrap bracelet class on Tuesday  Sept 13.  There is still room if you want to sign up.  I got my order of parawire in and it is slated to arrive right on time on the 13th.   A little to close for comfort but I still have other wire left no worries.   I have spent the summer learning new stuff.  I took a bit of a break from making jewelry and took to the sewing machine.  I have a bunch of purses to show for it.  Which are up in my shop express your faith etsy shop.  Plus a few more that I need to go back and add a clasp too I forgot to add the magnetic buttons agh  so now I have to decide if I want to pull it apart and add it or add something else like a button and elastic or sew on a snap or what.  Might check out the snaps at the store today.  Or maybe a fold over with buttone hmmm.  Anyways still got some work but they are the cutest  purses ever.  I know because my 13 year old wants them all.  She is my fashion and style indicator if she doesn't like it it is probably 10-20 years ago if she likes it then it is usually the first one to sell.  She picked out some of my best selling fabric.  She has a real fashion eye.  Did i tell you she wants to be a designer when she grows up.
     We actually she already is.  She is my personal designer of my booth,  and helps me pick out the next projects and lets me know when something isn't that cool.   Sometimes I make it anyways because I like it  but her designs always sell the fastest.  I know a good thing when I see it.  She likes the money she gets it is big bucks to a $13 year old too bad it isn't so big for me.  Oh and she is also a beautiful model for me too.

Her is her best pick of the summer.

I gotta take her shopping again to pick out some more great fabric.
The big project this week is making her a dress.  She is very tall with long legs and long arms so she has the hardest time finding a dress that isn't too short.  With such long legs the above the knee's style is just too sexy and too short.  So I am making her a dress.  She picked out the fabric it was all peace signs and tie dye when we went shopping.  So we will see how it turns out it will definitly be unique but I hope she likes it..  Pictures to come when it is finished.  Now this is the first dress I have made in the last 6 years since I stopped making little girl dresses so it will be a challenge.   Whew better get started.