Saturday, April 2, 2011

Be true to Yourself Bracelets - Blogging A to Z challenge Day 2

Be true to your self --- but to me I need to be true to God in order to do that I need to be true and truthful to myself and others.   I hope that that will inspire me to be more intentional in doing the right thing.  Being kind to my kids and taking time for them.  Shutting off the computer when my husband comes home and giving him my full attention and turning it off when I spend time with the kids.  Really exercising every day and taking care of my body.  Reading my bible and putting it into practice.  Praying and asking God for guidance in what he wants me to do with my day.  Following God's guidance to share Christ through all I do.  Not getting off on fun stuff that doesn't really glorify God.  Staying focused in where God wants me to go and doing what God wants me to do.  Today I want to show you some cool bracelets I've made.  These are called Gospel or Salvation Bracelets.

These are a simple but powerful sharing tool to tell your friends, family and strangers about Jesus and Salvation.

What the Colors Mean

Each color in a Salvation Bracelet has a specifc and significant meaning:

Yellow-  we all want to go to Heaven and be with God but
Black - Sin, which separates us from God.
  • Red - Jesus died for our sins.
  • White - We are made pure through forgiveness.
  • Blue - We are baptised in the Holy Spirit.
  • Green - The growth of our relationship with God.
  • Purple - The promise of eternal life in Heaven.  We are now a part of God's royal family 

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