Sunday, April 10, 2011


I have gotten behind on posting so I am going to start again at I.  I have been loving blog land lately and getting tons of inspirations of new artsy crafty things to do.  So here is just a few of my favorite things.

that bag above is cute and looks easy enough for me to even make.  If I ever find the perfect fabric I will have to try it out.  The like will also lead you to lots of other great bag patterns and quilt patterns.

Is't this beautiful and amazing a whole store of beautiful fabrics

I just love these pompoms made with tissue paper.  I see them everywhere online.


And here is some out of old t shirts or what ever fabric you have they are so cute and these you could wash and squish and they wouldn't be ruined.  So cute.

And this one looks like a lot of folding but so pretty and decorative.

Paper flowers ball

And here is the same thing but only one and a bunch more flower designs
Six Paper Flowers Tutorial

So these are the inspirations for the day.  I love the idea of putting them on my blog because now I can find them lol.

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  1. these are beautiful pictures and certainly inspiring.
    Great meeting you through the A-Z!