Monday, April 11, 2011

My church was on National TV last night

We hardly ever watch tv and I really mean that we watch DVD's the tv itself is turned on maybe once a month and only if we are home Sunday Night we like to watch Amazing Race.  It teaches good life lessons on getting along and how silly it looks when you don't.  So we started watching this new show that the kids love Undercover Boss I really like it too because the bosses are so cool.  So tonight to was Baja Fresh and guess what they came to our town Boise, Idaho and then the next thing we know we see our Church on the screen and the guy goes in and prays at our church.  Our little University Baptist Church is on TV.  That is so awsome that they showed that.  God is still on National TV.  Seems like the only time they talk about GOd on TV is on National TV,  Survivor too.  But my kids were very impressed and excited to see their church on TV.  We were waiting for the Pastor to come out and be on TV but he wasn't but they knew about it.  So cool.

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